Wonder Woman Bracelets (5-Piece Arm Party)

Wonder Woman isn’t always fighting villains. Sometimes she just likes to relax and step out as Diana. When she’s out chilling with friends, odds are that she’ll be wearing this five-piece bracelet set of Wonder Woman jewelry.

The Wonder Woman Arm Party features five fun bracelets that you can wear all at once or in any combination you like.

Includes the following designs:

  • A red beaded bracelet with blue star and gold beads
  • A black and gold cuff-style bracelet with the Wonder Woman logo and red jewels
  • A gold cuff with Wonder Woman stamped in black
  • A gold knotted bracelet and
  • A red and gold bracelet with red charm

The bracelets are a combination of metal and plastic and some are adjustable.

Bling! Bling!

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