Marvel Agents of SHIELD Front Pocket Wallet

As any good agent knows, being stealth and being able prove your identity (when you really need to) are two very important factors required in order to be a successful.

Good thing we have this Marvel Agents of SHIELD front pocket wallet on hand to help with both of these.

Not only will this wallet allow you to discreetly store your cash, cards and other important papers close at hand in the front pocket of your jeans, but it also features a very handy photo ID slot on the back for when you absolutely must reveal your true identity.

This front pocket wallet measures approximately 4-3/8" x 2-7/8" and features a metal Marvel Agents of SHIELD logo on the front, along with three storage slots. The backside features the clear plastic slot for photo ID.

A great item to have on hand when any secret mission comes your way.

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