Disney Cinderella Knapsack

Bibbidi Bobbi Boo!

If you ever have to make a run for it down a flight of stairs, then you’ll want a good, light knapsack that will keep your items safe and secure as you go.

This soft and compact officially-licensed Disney Cinderella printed knapsack is just the ticket for that – and any other occasion. The pack features a magnetic buckle with a drawstring enclosure for the main compartment. This makes it super quick and easy to get things in and out of the pack. Two pockets and adjustable straps complete the features on this compact sized knapsack.

While the features are great, it's the pattern on this Cinderella knapsack that really shines. The pack features stunning colour scenes from the original classic Disney animated film Cinderella.

It really is a must-have item for fans of this all-time favourite Disney movie. 

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