Disney Ariel Little Mermaid Knapsack

"Under the sea..." is a great theme for this soft Little Mermaid themed Disney knapsack.

This pack features classic scenes of Ariel, Ursula and more inside little water bubbles. Very cute. The sublimated printing (a printing process that allows for very vivid colour reproduction) makes the graphics really pop -- just like you were looking at it under water! 

Form and function rule the day here as this knapsack features a quick-access drawstring buckle (that's really great for kids) with adjustable buckle-style straps (with magnetic closure) and pockets. The pattern features scenes from the original classic Disney animated film The Little Mermaid.

The Ariel, Little Mermaid knapsack is a good compact size for adults and also a great size for kids. It is a must have for fans of everyone's favourite red-headed Disney Mermaid.

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