Captain America Front Pocket Wallet

Wallets haven't seen a ton of innovation, but front pocket wallets are a pretty cool little item for anyone who hates to lug around a big fat wallet in their back pocket.

This Captain America front pocket wallet is super convenient for keeping your cash, cards and other flat items in order and close at hand. The days of the fat wallet are a thing of the past!

This front pocket wallet features a metal Captain America logo on the front side along with three storage slots for cash, cards, tickets or whatever else you carry (that's flat). The backside features a clear plastic slot for photo ID for times that you choose to reveal your true identity.

A great crime fighting device too because it's a lot harder to pickpocket from the front side! Thank you Captain America.

A really great looking item. Measures approximately 4-3/8" x 2-7/8".

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