Batman Backpack "Built Black"

Holy backpacks Batman!

You know what's wrong with most backpacks? They're plain and boring. Or else they come in weird colour combinations that make it hard to find one that you actually like.

Well have no fear friends, the Batman "Built Black" Backpack is here to save the day. This is one pack that you can be proud to carry around. 

This full-sized backpack is classic Batman. It's bold and confident, yet understated at the same time. It will definitely make a silent statement with its black and grey styling.

On a practical note, this Batman backpack has lots of pockets and compartments to hold your gear while you walk the streets of city...or wherever life takes you. A very rugged design.

The padded main compartment of this backpack is ideal for protecting your laptop, tablet or crime fighting essentials. The pack measures approximately 18" x 13" x 6".

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