The Harry Potter Festival in Blyth, Ontario: A Festival of Wizardry

April 08, 2017

Harry Potter Town Transfigured Goderich Hogsmeade

Get Your Harry Potter Gear Here for the Festival of Wizardry: Now in Blyth, Ontario

This October, the picturesque Ontario town of Blyth, Ontario (a venue and location change from Goderich) will transform itself into everything Harry Potter with the Festival of Wizardry.

The charitable event has gained quite the following in virtually no time at all! Magic?! Maybe a little, but also a lot of hard work and elbow grease by the organizers and everyone involved.

Harry Potter Festival, Town Transfigured, Blyth, Ontario

The Harry Potter Festival of Wizardry is set to take place from Saturday, October 14 through Sunday, October 15, 2017. If you haven't got your tickets yet, you're out of luck because this popular event sold out in the swish of a wand stroke.

It's not hard to see why. According to the official festival page the event will feature quidditch tournaments, scavenger hunts, poly-wizard tournaments, live bands, food, vendors and more! The ultimate experience for any Harry Potter fan.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Signs

Get Your Officially Licensed Harry Potter Merchandise in Canada

If ticket sales for this brilliant event are any indication, Harry Potter merchandise may sell out quickly as the event approaches. 

We have a ton of great Harry Potter merchandise to let you walk the streets of the festival in style. Shop now to ensure that you get the best selection and exactly what you want.

Our Best Selling Harry Potter Merchandise

Here are some of our recommended items for anyone lucky enough to be attending the Festival of Wizardry (or for any Harry Potter fans anywhere!).

Harry Potter Mini Backpack - Hogwarts Express - Harry Potter Festival Goderich

Harry Potter Mini Backpack - Hogwarts Express

This Harry Potter Mini Backpack is the perfect way to carry your essential items around the event in style. All the top Hogwarts Alumnus will surely being sporting these little beauties!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Knapsack for A Town Transfigured Harry Potter Fest

Harry Potter Hogwarts Knapsack

Looking for something a little more casual? No problem. Check out the eye-catching Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Knapsack. You will be able to cruise the festival grounds with confidence that you can hold all you need in this magical pack!

Harry Potter Handbag with Quidditch Charm

Harry Potter Bag with Quidditch Charm

Not the backpack type or looking for something to go with that mini backpack? Our Harry Potter Hogwarts Bag (complete with Quidditch charm!) is about as nice as a bag can get. Great on its own or as a companion to the Harry Potter Mini Backpack above.

Harry Potter Hoodie - Hogwarts Castle

Harry Potter Hoodie with Crossed Wands

October can be a slightly cooler time of year. Be prepared and head to the Harry Potter Festival in style with this super cool Harry Potter Black Hoodie. Be comfortable and in style at the same time. It's definitely something that will catch fire on campus at Hogwarts. 

Harry Potter Dress with Peter Pan Collar and Hogwarts Crest

Harry Potter Hogwarts Dress with Peter Pan Collar

This is a very cute Harry Potter dress featuring the Hogwarts crest on a detailed print. Very nice and one that will definitely stand out at the festival...or wherever you go. We also have another Harry Potter dress for you to consider in our Harry Potter Collection.

Harry Potter Wallet - Hogwarts Crest Satchel Fold Wallet

Harry Potter Satchel Fold Wallet

You'll want to keep your cash, cards and ID safe and close at hand, and for that we have this awesome Harry Potter Satchel Fold Wallet for you to consider. We also have other styles of Harry Potter wallets as well, so be sure to check out our complete line.

Harry Potter Lanyard with Glasses Charm

Harry Potter Lanyard - Solemnly Swear

Lanyards are always very popular at events and we have several Harry Potter lanyards from which to choose. This Solemnly Swear Harry Potter Lanyard is one of our personal faves, but there are several lanyards in our shop!

More Great Harry Potter Merchandise in our Harry Potter Canada Shop

This is just a small sampling of the Harry Potter merchandise that we have on hand in our shop. Be sure to check out the full Harry Potter Canada Collection here at for this and more, including jewellery (necklaces and braclets), scarves, socks, bag charms, bag tags and much more from Harry Potter.

1923 Main Street is Your Canadian Heroes & Villains Shop

1923 Main Street® is a Canadian company based in Ontario. So you can shop with confidence in Canadian dollars with merchandise delivered from our warehouse in Oakville.

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