10 Gift Ideas for Men (Super Hero Gifts that Guys Will Really Love)

March 02, 2017

Batman Logo - 10 Gift Ideas for Men

Having trouble finding the ideal gift for your guy?

Does he love Star Wars, Batman, Deadpool or any other super hero movies? Well, have no fear, because we have some super cool super hero gift ideas that will really get his attention whatever the occasion.

Pretty much every guy out there will appreciate good hero and villain merchandise.

So check out our list of top 10 recommended gift items that will bring a smile to your guy's face. Pick the one that will most closely match the personality of your super hero or super villain!

Top 10 Super Hero (or Super Villain!) Gifts for Him

Star Wars Backpack - Galactic Empire
1. Star Wars Galactic Empire Backpack ($79.99)

There is nothing basic about this black backpack! Give your guy a brand new way to carry his essentials with this rugged black Star Wars Galactic Empire Backpack. This one is so cool it's just about a sure thing.

Star Wars Shaving Kit - Travel Bag

2. Star Wars Galactic Empire Travel Kit ($39.99)

Speaking of the Galactic Empire, if your man tends to travel a fair bit (or if he’s just a bit messy in the bathroom), then this Star Wars Galactic Empire Travel Kit will help him to keep all of his toiletry essentials neatly organized and in one place.

Star Wars Backpack - Rebel Alliance

3. Star Wars Rebel Alliance Backpack ($69.99)

Not every guy is a villain. If your guy is a hero in your eyes, then you can reward him with the Star Wars Rebel Alliance Backpack. He’ll feel the power of the Force behind him at all times with this pack, which features lots of pockets and pouches to lug his gear.

Batman Backpack - Built Black

4. Batman Built Black Backpack ($79.99)

Fans of the Dark Knight will be in awe over this virtually all-black Batman backpack. It’s even cooler in real life than it looks in photos and will definitely bring a smile to the face of any Batman fan.

Deadpool Backpack - Marvel Deadpool

5. Deadpool Backpack ($79.99)

This super cool Deadpool backpack is a personal favorite of mine and it’s the one that I carry myself. Not too big and not too small, this Deadpool backpack is the perfect size for work or school and has a padded laptop pocket that easily holds my 15” size MacBook Pro.

Deadpool Shaving Kit Bag

6. Deadpool Shaving Kit ($39.99)

If your guy is a traveler and a Deadpool fan, then this Deadpool Shaving Kit is the perfect toiletry bag to keep him organized while on the road or in the bathroom at home.

Marvel Agents of Shield - Front Pocket Wallet, Canada

7. Marvel Agents of Shield Front Pocket Wallet ($19.99)

Does your guy hate carrying a big wallet, but still needs somewhere to hold his cash, cards and other small items? Front pocket wallets are very unique and cool items and we have several different ones in stock, including this Marvel Agents of Shield themed front pocket wallet.

Star Wars Baseball Hat - Galactic Empire Black

8. Star Wars Empire Flex Cap ($26.99)

Ball caps are pretty much a sure thing for just about any guy. This Star Wars Galactic Empire flex cap is one-size-fits-all and features a simple (but very cool) black and white design that should appeal to any Star Wars fan.

Captain America Dog Tag (Necklace with Stamped Metal)

9. Captain America Dog Tag ($19.99)

Dog tags are timeless pieces of jewellery – even for the guy who doesn’t normally wear jewellery. Our dog tags are non-traditional because they’re actually made from leather-like material and feature a unique stamped metal icon. This Captain America Dog Tag is one of several different versions that we carry.

Marvel Wallet - Mini Trifold

10. Marvel Mini Trifold Wallet ($22.99)

If your guy is a fan of any Marvel Comics super heroes or super villains, then this Marvel Mini Trifold Wallet will be a prized possession. It’s compact in size and built to carry his essentials in style. Holds cash, cards, ID and coins.

This is just a small sampling of the unique and cool items that we have at 1923 Main Street. Be sure to search the site for even more great gift options for the special guy in your life.

Mike Belobradic

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