10 Gift Ideas for Women (Super Hero Gift Ideas for Your Special Girl)

March 03, 2017

10 Super Hero Gifts for Women - Wonder Woman

10 Super Hero Gift Ideas for Her

Alright everyone, want to make a big impact with a super cool gift for the special woman in your life?

If you know that your girl is a fan of Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, Batman and more, then we have some super awesome super hero gifts that she will love (and a whole lot more on our website too!).

For this list, I scoured the shop (and unofficially polled the women in the office) to come up with a list of highly-prized merchandise that any fan of pop culture will love. These are among our top sellers so we know that women love them.

With that in mind, here are my top 10 recommendations for cool and unique super hero (and villain) gifts for the special girl in your life.

10 Unique Gifts for Her

Catwoman Wallet

1. Catwoman Wallet ($29.99)

Is your girl a fun, feisty and confident woman who loves to stand up for who she is? This Catwoman wallet with adorable Cat Ears is an awesome little item that’s hard to resist. It will get a lot of attention. If your special someone is any sort of Batman fan, she’ll really love this item.

Star Wars Handbag - Rogue One - Jyn Erso

2. Star Wars Purse ($69.99)

This one is a house favourite. This Star Wars handbag inspired by Jyn Erso from Star Wars Rogue One is a great bag that any fan of the Rebel Alliance will love. The zippers open wide on both sides, so she’ll have easy access to everything inside (and it can hold a fair bit too).

3. Prince Leia Beanie ($21.99)

Speaking of Star Wars, this cute Princess Leia brown knit beanie is a fun and affordable gift that any Star Wars fan will love. Now anyone can rock it just like Leia did!

Harry Potter Backpack - Hogwarts Express

4. Harry Potter Backpack ($54.99)

Fans of Harry Potter will greatly appreciate this super trendy and eye-catching Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Mini Backpack with charm. This style of pack is very popular and this one in particular is cut and styled like some of the most popular name brand designer packs. Only it’s better for Harry Potter fans, because it’s super cool and fashionable

(There is also a very similar style backpack in the form of BB8 from Star Wars)

Harry Potter Handbag with Quidditch Charm

5. Harry Potter Handbag ($69.99)

If she’s more of a handbag girl than a backpack girl, then your Harry Potter fan will likely beam with thanks when she sees this super cool Harry Potter handbag. It has a lot of room inside and easy access zippers so she won’t spend too much time digging around for whatever she’s looking for. The Quidditch charm is a fun bonus on this bag.

Wonder Woman small handbag/wallet with shoulder chain

6. Wonder Woman Wallet/Purse ($39.99)

If your special someone is a super hero in your eyes, then this Wonder Woman clutch-style wallet will be a winner. Fans of the Amazon Princess will appreciate the size of this wallet, which is big enough to hold a phone, lipstick and other essential items, without being too big... Comes with a shoulder chain as well.

Batman Women's Wallet with Shoulder Chain

7. Batman Wallet ($29.99)

Speaking of wallets, this sleek envelope-style Batman wallet is a very popular item! It is right at home with any outfit – from casual days to a night on the town or at the club. Always an attention getter. It comes with a 48" over-the-shoulder chain.

Marvel Black Widow Bag Charm

8. Furry Bag Charm ($14.99)

Bag charms are everywhere these days! And why not, they’re a great way to accessorize bags of all kinds, from purses, to duffel bags, to backpacks and more. We carry quite a few of these cute furry pom pom style bag charms (for heroes and villains), so you can find the one that’s perfect for your special girl! Search “bag charms” at 1923MainStreet.com to see what’s currently in stock. Here we've featured the Marvel Black Widow furry pom pom charm.

Disney's Little Mermaid Knapsack

9. Disney's Little Mermaid Knapsack ($49.99)

Disney fans will find it hard to resist the fun and function of this Little Mermaid knapsack. This pack features scenes of Princess Ariel, Ursula and more from the classic Disney animated film and is printed using a sublimated process for graphics that really pop! It's a great light pack that can hold a fair bit for its size. Not too big and not too small. Perfect for the special girl in your life.

Harley Quinn Wallet - Mini Trifold with Bat Logo

10. Harley Quinn Mini Trifold Wallet ($22.99)

If your girl has a playful side and loves to stir the pot with good natured fun, then chances are she will love this cute and bold Harley Quinn Mini Trifold Wallet. It’s the perfect size for when times when she doesn’t want to carry a big wallet or purse. 

If you like what you saw here, but you're still not quite sure -- no worries. We have a lot more stuff on our website so please feel free to browse our Collections or use the search box at the top of the page to find that specific item that you're looking for.

Mike Belobradic
1923 Main Street®

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